Home Chinese ADR stock news and research. http://chinavestor.com/component/content/frontpage.html Mon, 22 Dec 2014 06:19:07 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Alibaba's roller coaster ride http://chinavestor.com/internet/74871-alibabas-roller-coaster-ride.html http://chinavestor.com/internet/74871-alibabas-roller-coaster-ride.html rollercoaster December 8, 2014 (Chinavestor) China's eCommerce giant Alibaba (NYSE:BABA) made headlines on September 19, 2014 with a record IPO. The stock went sideways for a few weeks and then headed on to a 40% plus rally in the following four weeks. Hitting an all time high of $120 on November 13, the stock has been steadily eroding and is trading at $106 and change right now. ]]> site@chinavestor.com (Blaze Fabry) frontpage Mon, 08 Dec 2014 15:56:58 +0000 Airliners, financial stocks rock in November http://chinavestor.com/knowledge-base/adr-market/74870-airliners-financial-stocks-rock-in-november.html http://chinavestor.com/knowledge-base/adr-market/74870-airliners-financial-stocks-rock-in-november.html December 4, 2014 (Chinavestor) Chinese transportation and financial stocks rocked the boat in November. The financial sector aadvanced 17.5% in just one month while transportation stocks surged as much as 21.5% in November, on average. China Life Insurance (NYSE:LFC) lifted financial sector the most. This is a sector heavy weight company that advanced from $44.7 to $52.5 in November.

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September 2014 Newsletter: Bulls continue to run http://chinavestor.com/newsletter/74869-september-2014-newsletter-bulls-continue-to-run.html http://chinavestor.com/newsletter/74869-september-2014-newsletter-bulls-continue-to-run.html Bull_2 December 2, 2014 (Chinavestor) This is the three month delayed publication of our monthly Newsletter. For current issue, along with portfolio updates, visit our Premium Service page. ]]> site@chinavestor.com (Blaze Fabry) frontpage Tue, 02 Dec 2014 18:52:54 +0000 CEA, ZNH on fire http://chinavestor.com/transport/74868-cea-znh-on-fire.html http://chinavestor.com/transport/74868-cea-znh-on-fire.html advance7 December 1, 2014 (Chinavestor) Chinese transportation stocks caught fire in late November.Good news is that the rally continues to have strength going into December as price of oil remains soft. OPEC's surprise decision to defend market share over price stability resulted in a steep oil price decline. Given that kerosene costs are the single largest cost items for airliners, current rally in transportation stock prices are justified. ]]> site@chinavestor.com (Ting Ting Lin) frontpage Mon, 01 Dec 2014 15:29:20 +0000 BABA's incredible 35% run since IPO http://chinavestor.com/knowledge-base/adr-market/74867-babas-incredible-35-run-since-ipo.html http://chinavestor.com/knowledge-base/adr-market/74867-babas-incredible-35-run-since-ipo.html percent November 11, 2014 (Chinavestor) Alibaba Group Holding (NYSE:BABA) opened at over $117 this Monday before retreating back to $115-$116 after ten minutes of trading. This Chinese e-commerce giant has been on fire for the last three weeks. Last week especially strong for the stock, see chart below. BABA advance five times out of five trading days. Even better, the stock opened higher and continued to advance throughout the trading day for the last three complete trading days.

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Dow hiccups at 17,000 http://chinavestor.com/newsletter/74866-dow-hiccups-at-17000.html http://chinavestor.com/newsletter/74866-dow-hiccups-at-17000.html advance3 November 10, 2014 (Chinavestor) This is a 3 month delay release of our monthly Newsletters. Receive 12 issues by signing up for Basic Membership on the Premium page.

We argued in the latest Newsletter that we didn’t see a reason to alter an overall bullish sentiment for the rest of the summer. We continue to believe in an overall positive market sentiment for August and the fall for the same reason as before. There is not any major development on the horizon that would stop overall bullish momentum. There are going to be hiccups on the way, no doubt about that. Such derailment was evident in the last week of July when the Dow recorded the biggest weekly loss since January. But the overall trend is expected to be modestly bullish due to prolonged low interest rates and lack of major policy change from the FED.

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