Home Chinese ADR stock news and research. http://www.chinavestor.com/component/content/frontpage.html Sat, 10 Oct 2015 19:41:55 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Alibaba under pressure before 2015 Q2 http://www.chinavestor.com/knowledge-base/adr-market/74898-alibaba-under-pressure-before-2015-q2.html http://www.chinavestor.com/knowledge-base/adr-market/74898-alibaba-under-pressure-before-2015-q2.html bull_bear_3 September 22, 2015 (Chinavestor.com) China's eCommerce giant Alibaba Group (NYSE:BABA) is going to report quarterly earnings on November 4- November 7, 2015. The pressure is on for the company to deliver sound profits because it reported "too good to be true" numbers a year ago.

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Low oil alone can't support CEA, ZNH http://www.chinavestor.com/knowledge-base/adr-market/74897-low-oil-alone-cant-support-cea-znh.html http://www.chinavestor.com/knowledge-base/adr-market/74897-low-oil-alone-cant-support-cea-znh.html decline August 24, 2015 (Wall Street News.Today) It's not just the price of oil that drives Chinese airliners anymore. China Eastern Airlines (NYSE:CEA) as well as China Southern Airlines (NYSE:ZNH) have fallen victim to the overall market weakness in China. And just how much of a rout there has been - see chart below. Money flows and index of the Chinese transportation sector.

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Oil rebound sinks airliners http://www.chinavestor.com/knowledge-base/adr-market/74896-oil-rebound-sinks-airliners.html http://www.chinavestor.com/knowledge-base/adr-market/74896-oil-rebound-sinks-airliners.html oil_barrel1 July 30, 2015 (Chinavestor) Here is a snapshot of some of the hottest and largest Chinese stocks on the NYSE and NASDAQ today. Melco Crown Ent. (NASDAQ:MPEL) and Mindray Medical (NYSE:MR) are the hottest Chinese stocks this morning. However investors have to pay attention to the bottom of the list. China Eastern Airlines (NYSE:CEA) is down $3.1 or 7.2%, by far the most among major Chinese stocks. china's largest carrier by fleet size, China Southern Air (NYSE:ZNH) has lost $1.5 or 2.5% so far today. See following chart that monitors intraday movements of the most liquid Chinese stocks. ]]> site@chinavestor.com (Ben Zhou) frontpage Thu, 30 Jul 2015 16:11:08 +0000 Airlines shine as energy falls http://www.chinavestor.com/knowledge-base/adr-market/74895-airlines-shine-as-energy-falls.html http://www.chinavestor.com/knowledge-base/adr-market/74895-airlines-shine-as-energy-falls.html bear_bull July 27, 2015 (Chinavestor) Chinese energy stocks continue to suffer as oil prices tumble. Petrochina Co. Ltd. (NYSE:PTR), China's largest oil producer, fell below $100 a share and is down 13.6% YTD. Who benefits? Airliners! China Eastern Airlines (NYSE:CEA) advanced from $15 earlier the year to over $50 last week. Industry leader China Southern Airlines (NYSE:ZNH) fared even better!

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Chinese sector money flow charts, May 2015 http://www.chinavestor.com/knowledge-base/adr-market/74894-chinese-sector-money-flow-charts-may-2015.html http://www.chinavestor.com/knowledge-base/adr-market/74894-chinese-sector-money-flow-charts-may-2015.html momentum May 28, 2015 (Chinavestor) The following charts reflect money flows of various Chinese sectors. ]]> site@chinavestor.com (Blaze Fabry) frontpage Thu, 28 May 2015 12:36:27 +0000 Money flows support Chinese airliners http://www.chinavestor.com/transport/74893-money-flows-support-chinese-airliners.html http://www.chinavestor.com/transport/74893-money-flows-support-chinese-airliners.html money_3 April 21, 2015 (Chinavestor) Chinese airliners have been on fire lately. China Eastern Airlines (NYSE:CEA) is trading above $38, a 140% rally since September. Larger rival China Southern Airlines (NYSE:ZNH) is up over 200% at the same time! ]]> site@chinavestor.com (Blaze Fabry) frontpage Tue, 21 Apr 2015 13:32:15 +0000 China stock overview -SHI on fire, airliners ease http://www.chinavestor.com/knowledge-base/adr-market/74892-china-stock-overview-shi-on-fire-airliners-ease.html http://www.chinavestor.com/knowledge-base/adr-market/74892-china-stock-overview-shi-on-fire-airliners-ease.html profit_1 April 10, 2015 (Chinavestor) The China stock monitor picked up the unusual rally of Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical (NYSE:SHI) yesterday. SHI advanced 11.75% in just one day, not to mention previous advances this week. Other hot stocks on Thursday were Aluminum Corp. of China (NYSE:ACH), Momo Inc. (NYSE:MOMO), and Petrochina Co. Ltd. (NYSE:PTR). ]]> site@chinavestor.com (Ben Zhou) frontpage Thu, 09 Apr 2015 18:04:31 +0000