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Online Video Industry Outlook in China

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internet_2 April 9, 2012 (Sebright Chen) Be known as the biggest and second biggest online video company in China, Youku Inc.(NYSE: YOKU) and Tudou Holding Ltd. (NASDAQ: TUDO) signed the agreement on March 11 officially start their merger by using a 100% stock transfer transaction.

According to the statistics form iResearch, 42.4% of the time people in China spend on online video are from Youku Inc.(NYSE: YOKU) and Tudou Holding Ltd. (NASDAQ: TUDO) . They have mastered about 35% market share in China, which may incur a new monopoly in Chinese online video industry.


As we can see from the global market share chart, Youku and Tudou together is stand at the second place at this chart among all single brands. The restriction for Google's video in China will accelerate the formation of a future monopoly


Data Source: ComScore Video Metrix

There are also other important firms in this industry: Ku 6, Sohu Video, Sina Video, etc. After the merger of Youku Inc.(NYSE: YOKU) and Tudou, there is a big possibility for other online video companies to walk into the road of merger in the future, in order to make themselves still exist and gain profit. Also, after Youku and Tudou's merger, the operation cost for the company as a whole will reduce, Youku Tudou will have the best resources from all aspects, including video source, web platform and technical support. Other online video companies will need to make adjustment on their operation structure in order to adapt to industry changes Youku Tudou's merger would make.

The merger will be helpful to the brand building process of Chinese online video service companies. Youku Tudou will be known by most of online video users in China. The new Youku Tudou will occupy 3.5% market share in global online video industry, the brand will be recognized by more global users. If their merger do lead to a "merger period" among Chinese online video companies, it will also lead to the globalization of these companies. Lots of small online video companies are not recognized by customers. People use their service but cannot remember their names. As the merger goes on in the future, China will have more well known brand around the world.

The quality of online video services in China will also get improvement. Accompanied by the globalization, companies will have to find out their specialties in this industry and create a patent delegates its brand. It will become nearly impossible for small online video companies to compete with Youku Tudou without its own specialty in the future. New skills and platform will be discovered during this process, more different industries will get involved in online video industry in order to improve the quality of online video experience. The communication between different industries will become more often.

In summary, the merger of Youku and Tudou will incur crucial adjustment in Chinese online video industry structure. These possible changes include the future merger of other Chinese online video companies, the globalization of the whole industry, and the improvement in video and service qualities in the future.

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