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What if investors got JOBS wrong?

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buy-sell May 11, 2012 (Chinavestor) It seems like investors got it wrong this time with 51job Inc. (NASDAQ:JOBS). The stock plunged the stock 13% intraday just to let it crawl back to a 9% loss for Thursday. Investors didn't like Q2 guidance.

But if you take a look at revenue and earnings growth, the ultimate indicators of future stock prices, 51job Inc. (NASDAQ:JOBS) looks very good. It's guidance that hurt. Taking a closer look at guidance ,that's not as bad as many feared. top line growth is still there and bottom line drop is not that excessive. Considering that the company has been rotating out of the print advertisement business for years, there is not much news in what the company just said yesterday. For me, JOBS is a buy on weakness.


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