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GeoTeam (Zou Soueidan)

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GeoInvesting is a new and exciting website designed to gather, analyze and disseminate information on public companies trading on the U.S. financial markets. The major theme of the GeoTeam's philosophy is to provide quick, concise and efficient research instead of the pages and pages of information indicative of most research reports. You will no longer have to sift through these documents to find the most relevant aspects of a company's operations, results and guidance.

Our mission is to identify strong growth stocks as well as aid investors in their research. The GeoTeam largely focuses on Asian stocks because of their favorable growth profiles. The number of Asian firms gravitating to the U.S. financial markets is rapidly increasing, creating immense opportunities for market participants to benefit from this trend. However, we are also aware that many U.S. companies may offer attractive investment opportunities. Consequently, the GeoTeam spotlights select U.S. companies in its research.

Ultimately, GeoInvesting will serve as a social and professional platform for investors, investor relations firms and publically traded companies, all of whom can utilize this service in various ways.


Key Content Contributors

Majed Soueidan is the founder of GeoInvesting and The Market's Edge. Maj began his financial services career while attending Temple University where he majored in Finance and Risk Management. After college he worked for The Vanguard Group in investor relations where he was responsible for tailoring investment vehicles for prospective clients. He then began his own independent research and developed his own set of real-time investment strategies, which evolved into the strategies at the core of The Market's Edge.

Dan David is an executive officer of GeoInvesting and The Market's Edge. Dan studied Business Administration at Northern Michigan University. Over the eighteen years of his career to date, Dan ran progressively larger retail operations until he had operational control of an $80 million, 88-store conglomerate with responsibility for all aspects of advertising, buying, human resources, budgeting, and customer service.

Craig Bach is a research partner of The Market's Edge, with a particular focus on interviewing corporate management. He is the founder of CSB Consulting, LLC, a private investment firm. Craig earned a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and a Master's Degree in Business Education from Temple University.

Al Rivera is a research partner of The Market's Edge. For eighteen years he held sales management positions in the automotive industry and earned several industry awards for excellence. He has been a full time investor for the last seven years.

Zou Soueidan conducts equity research at GeoInvesting and The Market’s Edge. His focus lies primarily in the assessment of strong growth companies in the micro and mid cap sectors of the stock market. He graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in 1997 with a B.S. in Engineering, after which he worked at a major publicly traded firm managing multi-million dollar contracts. He subsequently made a smooth transition to Wall Street and has successfully positioned himself to be a key contributor to the GeoTeam.

Andy Schmoyer is a Hedge Fund trading assistant at The Market’s Edge. His tenure with the Company began in 2003 at which time he began to help streamline the research process utilized by The GeoTeam today. His experience in identifying unique investment opportunities has added an invaluable aspect to the operations of GeoInvesting.